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used wheelchair vans

Used Wheelchair Vans – Good Shape and Low Price

There are many types of wheelchair vans on the market these days. New is the best option but they can be expensive too. But guess what, you can easily find a van that has all of the fantastic options, but at a fraction of the cost. You can assume used wheelchair vans are the right answer.

Anytime you purchase a used vehicle, you take a big amount of risk, but with wheelchair accessible vans, that is especially true. It’s generally better to purchase your van from a reputable mobility dealer, rather than from a private individual. Warranty is very important in these cases.

Used Wheelchair Vans – Good Shape and Low Price

Finding a good used wheelchair vans is sometimes hard to find. These vehicles are not typically at your regular car dealership, but sometimes you can find them there too. Looking at various locations, online and in the newspaper is a good place to start when looking for your van. Check with online car sales sites and auction sites to see what is available. Contact the sellers if you have questions about the vehicle or if you would like to take a look at it.

According to NMEDA website these are some guidelines if you are in the process of buying used accessible van:
” Is the vehicle going to be used to transport the entire family?

” It’s important to consider interior height when shopping for a wheelchair accessible vehicle. Make sure the vehicle can accommodate your needs without any modifications.

” Once you’ve found a vehicle that works for you, have the body and mechanical parts checked out by your own mechanic. Don’t just take the seller at their word.

” Does the type of wheelchair vans lift on the vehicle work with the wheelchair you’re using? Think about where and how you’ll be getting in and out of the vehicle.

” To start your search go to nmeda.com and click on “dealer locator” to find a NMEDA dealer near you.

A short test drive will help you in making the decision. All optional equipment including the conversion parts should be tried and inspected to make sure that it performs well for your specific function.

The great thing is that you can even finance a used van, so you can have affordable monthly payments that will not stand in the way of your freedom. Many dealers have special offers and right personal, commercial, or leasing program that you will find useful, so you can save money. Or use it to buy additional mobility equipment that will meet all your specific needs. With the right saving tips, you can buy a wheelchair van right away. You can still have a wonderful, customized driving experience with used wheelchair vans, all while saving your wallet.

Look for a used vehicle that comes as close to meeting all of your needs as possible. That is why you need time. Be patient, use internet, social networks, and friends help and good used van will be found.

Used Wheelchair Vans Could Save Your Wallet

New vans may be priced out of your budget, even with the best financing options available. Luckily you have options with used wheelchair vans are available through dealers as well as individual sellers. These vans typically offer all the options available or needed on new handicap vehicles at a fraction of the cost.

Used wheelchair accessible vehicles, like other used transportations are much cheaper but they are reliable same as new one, of course if they have been serviced at official service or some other dealership. Always use help from professionals and you will find used wheelchair van in excellent condition that will fit all your specific needs. It may be more cost effective and time efficient to find a used van or minivan and have it customized for your needs, than to find a handicapped van already modified.

Used Wheelchair Vans Could Save Your Wallet

Trying to find a vehicle to meet the needs of the handicapped person can be frustrating and time consuming. That is why you should use internet and other online recourses like social networks to find best suitable accessible vehicle. Furthermore, always check local newspaper or classified advertisements.

Another option for buying used handicap vans is to visit local dealerships in your area. Get yourself informed about warranties, mileages, hand controls, additional equipment and even financing plans or leasing program.

Each individual have specific needs when it comes to selecting between the varieties of wheelchair vans, which is why your preferences will also play a role in your selection. When buying used wheelchair van always look for best possible:

” Safety
” Quality build
” Comfort
” Service and Maintenance
” Price.

Let`s say that you will probably own your vehicle for many years to come, so it is best to maintain a strong relationship with the mobility dealer so that you can take your van back for maintenance when it is a necessary.

Another reason to buy used wheelchair vans is that they can also save you a lot of time. Conversions can be performed on a vehicle that you select, or you can have a specialty handicap access vehicle built for you, but this can take quite a lot of time. Many previously owned mobility vans will offer automated ramps and lowered ground floor for easier entering and unloading wheelchairs and mobility scooters.

For many a used mobility vehicle is the only option as the cost of a new one can be far more than is affordable. With some good research, you can find excellent lightly used wheelchair vans for yourself.

If you are a person with a disability and use a wheel chair or you have a family member in a wheelchair consider buying one of the many used wheelchair vans and change your life today.

In the Search for The Best Mobility Vehicles

When you try to find the best of the best mobility vans , you will soon find out that is difficult to get the right vehicle for you that is used. Used wheelchair accessible vans can be a good choice, but you may want to be able to select every single feature that you want without having to sacrifice any of your desires. One great option for you is to buy a brand name vehicle that is handicap accessible and then adding on the features that will safely and easily lift your chair inside. Another bonus is that some of the biggest brand name car manufacturers offer a great discount on a handicap conversion to those who are eligible.

You must first decide whether you are simply intending to store the wheelchair during travel or whether the disabled person intends to remain in their chair whilst the vehicle is in motion. Lifts that have been designed to help you store a wheelchair can be installed in almost any vehicle with minor modifications, whereas a lift for an occupied wheelchair must be installed in a much larger vehicle.

Here are a few things you should consider when buying for a mobility vans : find out about the lowered floor feature conversion that allows the wheelchair to be positioned in the front passenger location or in the driver’s location, inquire about additional headroom in critical areas of the van to accommodate specialized equipment and devices, ask about driver and front passenger recess seat belt retractors, which make more room for equipment to be maneuvered in these locations, inquire about the warranty, not only on the vehicle itself, but also on the modifications made to convert the vehicle into a handicap van.

Even though lowered floor-side-entry minivans are very practical, they are hard to set up. As the process involves cutting the main support beams that run front-to-rear of the van, then they insert a new sub-frame and then relocate the fuel tank to the space in between the rear axle and rear bumper. The bad news is, doing this wheelchair van conversion can negatively impact ride quality and sound levels.

Rear-entry conversions on minivans are becoming more popular. It’s easy to see why because with rear-entry conversions, the user can load and unload from just about any parking spot without worry of trying to get between cars. Also, rear-entry conversions don’t require cutting the mini-vans structure. There are drawbacks though. For instance, the wheelchairs user won’t be able to get into the driver position. Plus, the user must “back out” of the minivan.

Start your search for faster and easier travels by taking a thorough look at the available mobility vans for sale and then narrowing down the field to the units that best fit your needs and your budget. With so many available options, there is a very good chance that you’ll be able to quickly locate and procure a minivan that meets all of your needs and that falls comfortably within your budget.

Full Size and Minivan Conversions – Two Main Types

The term “accessible vans” is usually referred to vehicles accessible to those confined to wheelchairs and with limited mobility. It isn’t something everyone gives consideration to until they are in need of an accessible van. The minivan appeared twenty five years ago, changing the way regular families traveled and also the lives of the disabled. The minivan was easy to get around town in and easy to park. This is where the handicap conversion companies came on the scene. The converters were able to lower the floor ten inches and allow wheelchair entry from the side or rear with automated ramp systems.

Throughout the years, it has become very luxurious and is now considered a great family car. The exterior of the Mobility Vans is not obviously altered and is very safe. Wheelchair van converters take into consideration seating for the entire family and the comfort of the wheelchair occupant. Seating options vary between manufacturers but are very user friendly and make life so much easier.

The conversions on the full size and minivans have ramps and lifts that will make loading your scooter or wheelchair easy. You will no longer have to have someone help you get into the passenger seat of a car or truck and then stow your wheelchair away. You will be able to use the vehicles on your own if you drive, or you can get a van that has the passenger seat accommodated for wheelchairs. Transfer seats make getting into the seats and out of the chair easy.

There are two main types of wheelchair accessible vehicle conversion available for your convenience, with a choice between rear entry conversions and side entry conversions you are able to acquire what is most suitable for the needs of the passenger. A rear entry conversion allows the passenger to have access to the Wheelchair Vans from the back. This usually incorporates a ramp system that can be installed on vans of many differing types. However, it is important that you check with the company that they are able to carry out the job on the vehicle that you have. Being able to choose from varying ramp sizes, you are able to select the most appropriate option for the purpose in which your van is destined for, whether it is for one or many disable passengers.

With the new and modern ramp extensions, a wheelchair occupant does not even have to leave their chair to board a Wheelchair Vans . Once aboard, the wheelchair is then fastened into place securely and safely with fasteners and seatbelts for a safe and comfortable ride. Some vans even accommodate more than one wheelchair at a time. Limited mobility individuals can experience more freedom of movement safely with the use of wheelchair vans.

Safety is a huge issue when it comes to converted vehicles for the disabled. All converted vans must undergo rigorous crash testing to meet federal highway standards. Testing includes side impact, and front and rear impact testing. This is extremely important when in most cases the fuel tanks are generally relocated. The fuel tanks are moved inward and forward on the rear entry version and toward the rear on the side entry option. You can actually observe the fuel tank standing in the rear of the side entry van.

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Types of mobility products

These include but not limited to mobility scooters, access ramps, and electric wheelchairs, walking aids, stair-lifts, risers, recliners, electric beds, bathing aids, toileting aids, kitchen aids dining aids and many other household personal care mobility aids. All of these Mobility products are intended to render support and empower a person having physical disability refraining him to free mobility.

Wheel chair, walkers, stair lifts and scooters are all the hi-tech mobility devices, which have made the elderly and the disabled people of our society, highly self-reliant. Now they do not have to depend on others help for accomplishing their day-to-day basic activities. This has not only improved the standard of living of the aforesaid category of our society members, but has also inculcated the virtue of self-dependence in them. Mobility products are serving as the best devices for the efficient improvement of the human resource pool of our civilized society.

While there are many models available you may want to make sure that your mobility aid is insurance protected. There are companies that arrange easy insurance for the same. The mobility scooters become handy tool for those who need and there are some stores that can help you get cost approved by funding agencies.

For individuals who suffer from mobility diseases, a wheelchair can prove an invaluable asset to a healthy and active lifestyle. Most chairs are available for purchase at affordable prices and in a variety of styles to accommodate different conditions and body types. These devices work wonderfully for individuals of all ages, with various sizes available to suit both children and adults alike.

Electric wheelchairs offer additional benefits to those with enhanced mobility issues. These devices are operated through hand controls and powered through a large battery. Depending on the style, you will find various models designed specifically for indoor or outdoor use. Additional models can be used in both environments.

A mobility scooter is an excellent tool for getting around both indoors and outdoors. It is motorized like a power wheelchair, but it doesn’t look anything like one. It has two rear wheels, a flat space for your feet, and then handlebars for turning the front wheel. A basket can be put on front to carry your items as well. This vehicle can also be recharged easily. They also come in different models and colors.

Mobility Scooters exclusively provide assistance to physically disabled people, who don’t necessarily need a wheelchair. These are devices that are intended to carry a single individual and some can support over 500 pounds of weight. Adult scooters are controlled by a set of handle bars that are attached to a tiller located on the front of the device.

Small scooters are recommended for indoor use, as they are very compact. They are portable and can easily be transported in cars and vans. The 41.75′ long and 24′ wide vehicle can easily be disassembled into four parts. Transportation becomes even more convenient. Small mobility scooters are highly recommended for average sized houses.

The medium sized Mobility Scooters can also serve indoor mobility. Instead they are the best size for all round use. The turning radius proves very handy for indoor use and the large base provides stability for outdoor use.

Even though there is a wide offer of Mobility products , choose only the ones that suit your needs and fit your budget. The key is to plan ahead and do the thorough research and you should be able to enjoy the freedom of movement without the help of anyone else.

Handicap vans Benefits

A handicap van can have many benefits for an individual with physical disabilities who uses a wheelchair. If you need a wheelchairs or Mobility Scooters to move freely or if you’ve got a family member who uses a wheelchair, you know by yourself how inconvenient traveling in a standard vehicle can be. It can require the person who uses a wheelchair to be manually lifted into the vehicle, which can be uncomfortable for both parties involved. Additionally, most vehicles aren’t designed to properly hold a wheelchair or mobility scooter, which means that it could take extra effort and time in order to get the equipment situated in the vehicle. A wheelchair van has special conversions like ramps or lifts for individuals who use a wheelchair to exit or enter the van.

Vans can be either side entry or rear entry Handicap Vans . Side entry wheelchair vans are converted by cutting the frames of vans and replacing the floors with those that are lowered to be more accessible to wheelchairs. The reduced angle of inclination gives the ramp a gentle slope that a wheelchair can easily climb. The new floor is made stronger than the old one and an anchoring system is installed to hold the wheelchair in place. The air conditioning and the heater lines may be cut and replaced when the converted van is being put together.

If you decide to have a rear entry van, on the other hand, the fuel tank is repositioned from the back of the van, while the floor is also lowered the ground clearance is maintained and as a result rear entry vans are better for use in the snow or in mountainous regions. However, because the tank is repositioned, federal laws mandate that third-party highway crash testing be done to ascertain the safety of a rear entry van. With rear entry vans, there is no need for reserved handicap parking spaces.

Assessment centers, aside from testing wheelchair users, are also capable of recommending the most suitable type of handicap van for the physically challenged. It is highly important to consult professionals who have enough experience to advise you when deciding to buy Handicap Vans . They can recommend vans that suits a person needs and suggest credible dealers that sell such vans.

Although vans for wheelchairs are known by its high prices, there are many dealers that give financial help to make these vehicles more accessible to everyone. Visit websites of major dealerships and do research on their funding policies and financial plans. Those who are insured can ask representatives of insurance companies to find out if there is a way to get better rates for wheelchair vans. As a last option, there are non-profit organizations that assist those who want to procure handicap vans.

So, if you are planning a long travel, then buying a wheelchair van is a good idea. This is good for the whole family, although there are a limited number of passenger seats, because of the protection and ventilation standards.

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Right Wheelchair for Your Needs

If you have an injury or a health problem that restricts your mobility, you can achieve the independence you desire with a wheelchair that’s just right for you. Wheelchairs are constructed for people of every height and age, and have features designed to meet the many diverse interests of users and appropriate for the various levels of assistance required. Important things to consider when you are choosing a wheelchair is the type of terrain and the general weather conditions with which you have to cope. There are also wheelchair accessories as well as wheelchair ramps and lifts that will make life easier and more convenient if you experience life on wheels, permanently or temporarily.

Different types of wheelchairs are available in the market to meet individual users’ needs, such as the manual wheelchair, power wheelchair and electric wheelchair. If you can propel a wheelchair with your arms, a manual chair is the least expensive chair, has no batteries to recharge, and the fact that it is lightweight makes traveling with it and transporting it relatively easy.

1. The standard manual wheelchair has fixed armrests, and footrests that are fixed but can be adjusted up and down. These chairs are built of steel, chrome, or aluminum, and the material used affects both the weight and price of the chair.

2. The detachable manual wheelchair has detachable armrests or footrests or both, and is especially appropriate if you cannot bear weight on your legs.

3. An orthopedic wheelchair is a good choice if you have hip or knee problems because it has a number of elevation footrests, allowing the legs to rest in various raised positions.

4. A reclining wheelchair with its reclining backrest is useful if you have difficulty in sitting upon need to lie down frequently.

Manual wheelchairs are wheelchairs that have to be maneuvered manually by hand, while electric Wheelchairs rely on motors for motion. Manual wheelchairs are cheaper than electric wheelchairs because of their simpler functions. They can also be easily folded and stored in smaller areas such as in the trunk of vehicles.
Power wheelchairs are those that are operated less conventionally. These machines run using energy derived from energy sources like electricity and gasoline. Power wheelchairs are more convenient for most of the people and are more preferred by a rising number of wheelchair users all over the world.

The manner by which power chairs are operated also varies from traditionally and conventionally operated ones. Prices for different types of wheelchairs also differ. Of course, it is easily inferred that wheelchairs are a little premium priced especially in the modern markets. The materials used even in the simplest wheelchairs are costly. Sometimes even the cheapest brands cannot be afforded sometimes by average-income households.

Power Wheelchairs are having tag prices that are significantly and noticeably high. With the modern technology used in the development and manufacturing of such products, it is widely anticipated and expected that such sophisticated wheelchairs are expensive, making them impossible to be afforded by the masses. Aside from that, maintenance and operations are costly because of the energy requirements.

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Advantages of Used Wheelchair Vans

Persons with disabilities mostly rely on friends and family, so they can keep their lives fulfilled and active, but in order to have more control and possibilities buying a wheelchair van might be a good idea. Unfortunately, most of the new wheelchair vans are expensive, even thousands more that the used ones with the same features and accessories. The price of van conversions has increased over the past few years reaching $45,000 up to $80,000, which means it’s unattainable for most of the people. So maybe you should start thinking about searching the offers of used vans as well. Used wheelchair accessible vans can be affordable for family with the average income.

The fact that most people cannot afford it became starting point to vans manufacturers to start buying one or two old mini vans from big car rental agencies. Used wheelchair vans from the rental industry that is in service for year or two is cheaper than a new one. You won’t have to bear the cost for modification, since it’s already done before you, and you will save on the dealer depreciation value because new vans lose their value as soon as they leave the dealership. Used vans that are modified and late model vehicles have valid factory vehicle warranties. There is also the option of extended warranties that some dealerships offer.

If you are concerned about roadworthiness there are good news – most dealerships that sell used vans have certified programs that check 125 points of the van to ensure that is in great condition. If it is couple of years old, used wheelchair vans will have less than 50,000 miles travel.

Most mobility dealers and conversion manufacturers have a lot of financing options, even extended payment up to 120 months. However, longer term of payment include higher interest rates and more strict rules for lending.

There are some ways that will help you find what you need: use the benefits of the internet – that way you will have a lot of information and a search will be broader; read local newspapers – there might be few offers that you can consider; check the vehicle features – because they are not all the same, some will have more features, some less, find to one that is the most convenient for you; determine the price you are ready to pay – it will be much easier to stay within the budget. Before you decide to purchase it, do the research of the van maintenance, after all you don’t know who used it before you and in what way. There is a certain price for obtaining documents about the history of the wheelchair vans , but it’s a small investment considering that you will be using it for a long time and you want it to be safe for use.

These few things will make your search easier, although the process will take time. It’s important not to rush things, if you dedicate your time and attention to see what is available, there is a bigger chance that you will be more satisfied with the outcome.

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